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A good piece which highlights how stupid can Media sometimes be!   As an aside, I do not have an intelligent opinion on whether Apple must be paying a dividend or not or what is the rational level of cash it needs to have on its books. But a lot of comments which focus on […]

There are different types of investment opportunities one comes across. I have tried formalizing this into many different categories for clarity of thought. 1. Stable Companies with no significant competitive advantage but decent fundamentals quoting at a significant discount to its intrinsic value: In these companies, I try to buy at a discount and sell […]

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I am sitting 50% on cash and trying to find companies to invest in. I have been researching on: Vinati Organics Symphony Comfort systems (which has shot up by 30% in a week to my dismay – a case of a runaway stock and I have almost suspended analyzing it) I have not been able […]

Rolta India has been quoting at really attractive valuations (when compared with the average valuations given to a company of its stature) for quite sometime. A P/E of 8 would have been unwarranted for a company growing at such a fast pace with high ROEs. (Though I felt it was correctly valued, I used conservative […] An interesting statement in this article got my attention. Mr A. Balasubramanian, CEO of Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund, explains that an AMC’s profitability is a function of asset size, mix of assets, employee productivity and costs and that the AMC improved on all these parameters last year. There is no mention of “performance […]

Though it is true that markets can at times behave irrationally over a few periods, that by the very sense also means that market is quite rational most of the other times. I was going through Rohit’s previous posts in the 2007-09 period and found many commenting on how one could have invested in Infosys […]

I find it extremely irritating that many companies do not post their annual reports in their websites. Nor is it necessary to file B/S or C/F statements with SEBI. The annual financial document they file only consists of P/L statement. I find this practice ridiculous. How can a retail investor judge a company based on […]