Hi Readers,

I am Pradeep Kumar Raghunathan and have started investing in the Indian markets in Jan 2010. I read about Warren Buffet in Snowball and that made me dig deeper into his style of investing and I ended up reading on Seth klarman, Peter Lynch, Berkowitz, Brucewald, Pabrai and many others. I became extremely interested in Value investing and started investing part time based on value investing principles. I consider Warren Buffet to be my role model and have read extensively on him.

I am developing a clear framework for investing which would act more like a checklist. I am extremely indebted to bloggers who have shared their thoughts on Value investing, especially in an Indian context. Rohit and Ninad are two value investors whose blogs I frequent. I do not know of anyone among my relatives/friends who have made money in stocks and I know quite a lot of people who have lost money in the stock markets over the long run.  Till I read Snowball, I thought stock markets did not have any relation with fundamentals and I always used to wonder how can one remember so many prices and exactly track how they are moving which kept me away from it. This blog was the first one I read on value investing and the blogger does a great job at it. I would recommend it strongly.

I have started this blog since I would like to share my thoughts and would be happy if it was useful in some small way. Also, Writing down my analysis also helps me in clarifying my thoughts.

I tend to concentrate on companies which have reasonable ROA/ROE, low debt and trading at low normalized P/Es. I concentrate on the 100-2000 crore segment though mostly in the 100-500 crore arena.

About me:

I did my engineering in 2005, worked for 3 years, then completed my MBA recently and work in the management consulting domain (linkedin profile). I am interested in opportunities in the value investing space.

The greatest challenges which I face and which I have to overcome if I have to become a good value investor are:

– The urge to make an investment. Since I am starting, there is this urge to identify the next infosys and next pantaloon.

– I tend to identify a good investment but while I am studying it, I find the stock price going up and up and hence hurry with my thesis.

– The inability to figure out when to sell, i.e., the inability to figure out when a stock has moved from the cheap to correctly valued to expensive territory

– Becoming happy when my investment goes up temporarily. This has been addressed by Rohit here. This makes me feel superior and this is very dangerous in Value investing.

I hope I do evolve over time and do not succumb to such pressures. At the end of the day, I believe it is not the most intelligent who have succeeded in Value investing. As Buffet tells, it is an emotional game or a mind game. I hope I play it out reasonably well.




6 Responses to “About”

  1. Good to hear about this initiative from your end. I will certainly look forward to your thoughts on the subject. All the Best!.

  2. Pradeep,

    Nice blog…..will love to see it progress from here..

    I am in Delhi ….I believe you also???


  3. 5 Manish

    Hi Pradeep,

    Happen to see your blog recently. I am reading about value investing since the past one year or so. My interest in it was kindled by reading few posts from Prof. Sanjay Bakshi and some others from the tribe, some of them you have mentioned in your post.

    I find your blog quite interesting and would like to read your old posts as well.

    Are you still based out of Gurgaon/ If yes, then I would like to meet up with you. I am based out of Delhi. If you can send me a short mail about your experience and progress then that would be great.

    Have a good day!


    • Dear Manish,

      Nice to know that. I am based out of Mumbai these days actually. I moved from Gurgaon 2 months back. I will send in a mail sometime this week.


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