I don’t know


I really have come to believe teaching MBAs that one of the most  important things you learn as an MBA is how to pretend you know the answer to any question even though you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. And I’ve found it’s really one of the most destructive factors in business — is that everyone masquerades like they know the answer and no one will ever admit they don’t know the answer, and it makes it almost impossible to learn.


Though the author specifically relates this to MBAs, it is applicable to all and sundry. I think the higher you are in status and social standing, the more difficult it is to say I Don’t Know. Especially if highly paid!



One Response to “I don’t know”

  1. 1 Ganesh

    Well said! As people climb up the proverbial career ladder, they tend to assume that they are expected to know everything even though they know that it is very difficult for someone to be well versed in all topics. It is also very important to teach kids from an early age that “I don’t know” is a very valid answer and they know to say that when they see the parents practicing it. It is always better to say “I dont know. let’s figure it out together” rather than make something up.

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