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This is a wonderful read for multiple reasons. Some of them:   – I supposedly read a lot of Crisis related material but did not come across David Li. Either I did not “get it” or his formula was not covered in depth. We have seen a lot of Black Scholes bashing, but not enough […]

For the behaviorally inclined, a post worth reading and a blog worth following

I don’t know


I really have come to believe teaching MBAs that one of the most  important things you learn as an MBA is how to pretend you know the answer to any question even though you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. And I’ve found it’s really one of the most destructive factors in business […]

I pretty much got convinced when I read this that Facebook is in no way having a better business proposition than google when it comes to ads. These made perfect sense: Search is taking over the world. Click for more >The reason the search business has swallowed such a huge percentage of global ad spending […]

An interesting article on the Black Scholes Model and its foibles. Link Some timeless quips from Buffet and Munger Link: Mr. Buffett on the use of higher-order math in finance: “The more symbols they could work into their writing the more they were revered.” Mr. Munger on the same theme: “Some of the worst business […]