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I have created starter positions in the following 3 companies. A minor analysis. Cera Sanitaryware: Many stock publications club the sanitaryware segment into the “Ceramics” space however these two categories have different economics and are not comparable. Some different segments related to the “Ceramics” segment are: Sanitaryware : CERA, HSIL, Parryware Bath fittings: CERA, HSIL, […]

There are different types of investment opportunities one comes across. I have tried formalizing this into many different categories for clarity of thought. 1. Stable Companies with no significant competitive advantage but decent fundamentals quoting at a significant discount to its intrinsic value: In these companies, I try to buy at a discount and sell […]

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I am sitting 50% on cash and trying to find companies to invest in. I have been researching on: Vinati Organics Symphony Comfort systems (which has shot up by 30% in a week to my dismay – a case of a runaway stock and I have almost suspended analyzing it) I have not been able […]