Annual Reports, Balance Sheets and Cash flow statements


I find it extremely irritating that many companies do not post their annual reports in their websites. Nor is it necessary to file B/S or C/F statements with SEBI. The annual financial document they file only consists of P/L statement. I find this practice ridiculous. How can a retail investor judge a company based on just a P/L statement? Even companies with close to 1000 crore market cap like voltamp does not have annual reports in its website. This is ridiculous. Even if not the AR, atleast the C/F and B/S data must be there with SEBI.

Though money control and ET websites present the data, I have started finding significant discrepancies at times. I have a feeling that sometimes the websites update unaudited data which is significantly different from the audited data. While analyzing Voltamp I noticed significant discrepancies which dropped their PAT margins from 20%+ to 10%. I am now thinking of buying an entire set of historical annual reports. However the problem is they are pretty expensive for me. Though I know a source who is selling 12 year 1997-2009 annual reports in softcopy form for 3000+ companies at 15k. I would like to share with someone the expenses and bring it down to 2-3k. Anyone in Delhi/Gurgaon/NCR interested,  please mail me at rpradeep dot kumar at Lets see if we can work this out.

If anyone already has such a set, I will be willing to pay to get the soft copy of the ARs.


One Response to “Annual Reports, Balance Sheets and Cash flow statements”

  1. hmmm…

    So did u get the requisite people????

    Count me in….


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