Get rich quick


I was browsing through the comments section of and found lot of praises and abuses for this guy called SP Tulsiyan. He seems to be an “Investment Guru” and seems to belong to the cadre of people who can predict exactly where the market will be next week.

Some of the interesting posts against him.

I seriously do not understand these people. Do they seriously really invest real money hoping that because this guy is recommending stock price will go up? I mean, if that is true, wouldn’t this Tulsiyan guy be India’s Warren Buffet?

His website is extremely enlightening too. There is a paid service available from him called “Market Whispers” which is described as follows:

One of the most coveted sections of our website, this column has become all the more exclusive. Only our esteemed paid subscribers can have 100% access; no sneak preview any more! This interesting column, gives you your daily dose of corporate grapevine. If you have an insatiable urge to trade based on rumours and hearsay, this is the perfect place to indulge. Based on information collected from the back lanes of Dalal Street, from the ‘sources’ who are privy to unabashed talks of brokers, analysts and mutual fund managers, this is a section which you just cannot afford to give a miss! Get into the inner wheel by logging into this section, before the opening bell tolls at 9 AM, Monday to Friday.

His positioning is simple, effective and honest. 🙂 He attracts I guess the best kind of speculators.


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