Archive for May, 2010 An interesting statement in this article got my attention. Mr A. Balasubramanian, CEO of Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund, explains that an AMC’s profitability is a function of asset size, mix of assets, employee productivity and costs and that the AMC improved on all these parameters last year. There is no mention of “performance […]

An interesting post from this blog: On November 6 & 7, the University of Virginia hosted its first annual Value Investing Conference. From its website: “The mission of the Value Investing Conference is to annually assemble the investing public, professional investors, scholars, and students in the field of value investing for the purpose of highlighting […]

Though it is true that markets can at times behave irrationally over a few periods, that by the very sense also means that market is quite rational most of the other times. I was going through Rohit’s previous posts in the 2007-09 period and found many commenting on how one could have invested in Infosys […]

I find it extremely irritating that many companies do not post their annual reports in their websites. Nor is it necessary to file B/S or C/F statements with SEBI. The annual financial document they file only consists of P/L statement. I find this practice ridiculous. How can a retail investor judge a company based on […]

Recent analysis


I have been trying to look at some good companies in the 1000-4000 crore market cap range which are undervalued. The reason being I have invested in two microcaps (Ador Fontech and Patel Airtemps) whose valuations I am kind of comfortable with but not with the underlying business itself to hold them for the long […]

One finds many mutual funds quoting 3 year returns and 5 year returns which are very respectable and in excess of 20% at times. However there is an important consideration behind how these returns are calculated. There are two ways of calculating returns. Time weighted and Dollar weighted (Or Rupee weighted). Let the following scenario […]

Patels Airtemp


Company: Patels Airtemp was established in the year 1973 and they are into the Refrigeration and Air conditioning business, mostly for industrial clients, and have the following product verticals. -> Heat Exchangers -> Air cooled heat exchangers -> Columns and pressure vessels -> Refrigeration and Air conditioning equipment -> High Voltage Air Conditioning projects (Turnkey) […]