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Certain interesting facts came up in my analysis: 1. 1% of the number of listed companies make up for 50% of total market capitalization 2. 3% of the number of listed companies make up for 75% of total market capitalization 3. 10% of the number of listed companies make up for 90% of total market […]

This post was a very interesting read which helps one differentiate between the above 3 different measures of profits to a company.

I found this very interesting post in this blog. Its wonderful. It gives insights on how warren buffet worked during his early days and what is needed for succeeding like him. Have a look at it. I especially liked the following: Reading has made him rich over time. He told the story of going […]

I ran some screens and company called “Goodricke Group” turned up. I got pretty interested with the numbers. Sales: 380 crores PAT: 42 crores Asset base: 120 crores ROA: 35% Networth: 110 crores & Debt: 10 crores (-> Debt:Equity = 1:11) CFO: 57 crores and CFI: Negative 17 crores Market Cap – 300 crores For a company […]

These are quotes from “THE WATCHDOGS DIDN’T BARK: ENRON AND THE WALL STREET ANALYSTS“. It is extremely interesting read, though 174 pages long. Some parts which I have highlighted are amusing to say the least. These are quotes from the report. By mid-October, the picture had deteriorated somewhat, but still not to the point where we believed […]

AK Capital services is a very interesting company. It is a merchant banker and predominantly active in the Private placement of Debt issues. For the 8th Consecutive Financial year, AK Capital has emerged as largest mobiliser of debt through private placement of bonds and non convertible debentures during FY 2008-09 (non bank category). Market share of AK Capital […]

Ador Fontech


The problem one has with small caps is the lack of proper disclosures or analysis in their Annual Reports and Ador Fontech is no exception. It is absolutely impossible understand what business this company is into from their annual reports and MD&A. They are extremely vague. But the numbers behind this will definitely give many […]